Take Action

What can you do? 

Share: We all come to this work with life experience, formal learning, material wealth and intuitive wisdom. Green World initiatives pool skills and resources to make a difference.

Learn:  Learn how to organize your neighborhood for sustainability. 

Connect: Connect with villages and neighborhoods around the world that are building shelter for the homeless, cleaning up pollution, choosing healthy lifestyles and building direct democracy through direct action. 

Design: Partner with new and emerging ecovillages and world class designers to collaborate in the design of sustainable communities.

Support: Through your participation, shared risk and shared giving.

What we need: 


Right now, people can join subscribe  http://groups.google.com/group/sustainabilityeducation to see some of what we've been doing.


  • Media and computing equipment (cameras, computers, media systems)
  • Uplink access
  • Travel/tickets/lodging for learners and trainers
  • Facilities in host cities for temporary or permanent design/media centers


We need  $40,000 immediately to 

  • Keep the doors open
  • Process several hundred hours of ecovillage design training, sustainability education and documentary media for distance learning teams around the world.
  • Support the completion of the next round of training and documentation for ecovillage and sustainable neighborhood design/media collaborators
  • Take on the next round of tasks in building these projects 

We need $400,000 this year to move the global ecovillage sustainable media/design network projects to full operation. 

Financially, you can make a difference in the success of these projects by donating now.

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