What We Do

Helping people in neighborhoods and villages around the world learn to move whole communities towards sustainability now.  

The Green World Fund supports grassroots sustainability and social justice organizing, communications, fundraising, and donations of equipment and in-kind services.

How we're doing it: 

Providing support for sustainable community design and development training, documentation, communications and action partnerships. Growing green, solar, healthy communities now is what we are about. 

Why it matters: 

There are over a million villages and neighborhoods on the planet. If we are to make a smooth and peaceful transition to a sustainable world in which everyone participates, our neighborhoods will transform into ecovillages, democratically managed and green communities created through self-organization locally and globally. The time is now. 

The Difference it Makes: 

When children go homeless, or sicken from pollution, it is a failure of community, locally and globally. Much of the world lives with the tragic consequences of pollution and chronic disease, crony capitalism, too little food, unsustainable  shelter, and uncertain peace.

And yet, on any city block, in any remote village, the means for building healthy communities are at hand.  Ecovillages and green neighborhoods are emerging everywhere.  Sustainable, democratic neighborhoods are where we all want to live healthy lives, work, eat, raise families, share celebrations.   

If we are to find our way to a world that works, it will be in part because we discovered that community, itself, is the solution. 

It is on our power, now, to transform our neighborhoods, our villages and the world. 

The networks we are building now will help us learn our way to sustainability. 

That is the difference we make.